Are You Asking Your Roofing Contractor the Right Questions?

Having your roof replaced properly is going to be a considerable investment if it’s done correctly.

  • Can you afford to have it done twice?
  • Have you researched the subject enough to feel 100% confidant that you know what you are looking for?
  • Are you aware of the things that could go wrong?
  • What happens with the guarantee if you ever sell your house?
  • Who do you turn to if things are not going as planned?
  • What are you required to do by Law?

Please call 01664 898255 and get the answers to these very important questions. There are a number of so called “Professional Bodies” that Roofing Contractors join to get a sticker to go on their van or a logo on their letterhead.

This is the extent of their involvement with these organisations (except for the joining fee obviously!).

We chose the hardest ones to join…..FOR YOU!

We were rigorously investigated by an ex-trading standards officer in order to become a Which? Trusted Trader.

Which are a consumer based organisation that ensures that you get the best deal from anyone you part money with.

He checked our finances out, interviewed our Managing Director and picked 10 customers at random from our invoice ledger to speak to and make sure they were happy. Which? correctly state that only 3 in 10 homeowners feel comfortable that their contractor will act in their best interests. We always find our company is so successful because we act in your best interests! Its a no brainer to us!

We endured the same experience when joining Competent Roofer. Competent Roofer do not want contractors using their badge who will not put the interests of the consumer first.

With the Competant Roofer Scheme, your money is always safe with us.
We give you an insurance policy to cover your deposit and a 14 day cooling off period. No Hard-Sell there then!

You will also receive a full written guarantee from us once the work is completed. We also don’t ask for final payment until you have told us that you are happy. What more could you want?

Complete your details below to request a free survey and we can guide you through the process without any worry or stress at all. Or you can call 01664 898255 to speak to our helpful team.

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