Commercial Maintenance Package and Assurance Packages

Commercial Maintenance Package and Assurance Packages


Peace of Mind - Insurance for your roof.
Did you know that you could seriously extend the lifespan of your roof by having it inspected once a year and having your gutters cleaned out at the same time?

The past couple of years have shown us that the British climate can be so unpredictable, and this will be causing extra wear and damage on your roof.

The suns UV rays are the biggest cause of decay in most materials that are exposed during our long hot summers. Coupled with the violent storms and record rainfall we have recently seen, when winter comes, so do the problems that the sun's damage have caused.
In winter, pockets of water get into the joints and cavities of your roof, and when that water freezes, it expands, pushing the materials apart causing splits and debonding.

This is why it is essential to know exactly what is happening up on your roof where you can't see this for yourself. Having to repair your roof will involve scaffolding, expensive labour and materials, and possibly internal repairs too.
Serious water ingress can have a huge impact on the activities in your building which can hit your profitability as well as leaving you having to deal with upset employees.Damage to stock and expensive equipment can be time consuming and expensive to put right.

So being smart and proactive will save money in the long run. It will preserve the value of your property and can be added to your budget as a low cost overhead that will save you time and money in the future.

Our inexpensive maintenance packages are a wise investment for the savvy business owners.

So you might be thinking that your roof isn't that old or you haven't had any problems in the past. - Great! Let's keep it that way. At the very least someone should be getting up to roof level once a year to clear the gutters, and wouldn't it make sense to get an expert opinion of the lifespan of your roof while that happens?

You wouldn't run a car until it broke down and never service it. A roof can be just as expensive to replace so why not give it the same amount of care?

We look at roofs every day and have become very good at noticing when something isn't right.

We can spot when things are starting to wear out well in advance. We've had 23 years experience in spotting issues on roofs and we have a huge trail of customers who have forgotten us because we fixed their problems permanently!

Being proactive and repairing defects before they develop into more serious expensive problems, will hold off that 5 figure re-roof for many more years.

What's the Answer?
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Roof Surveys

Get your roof surveyed by a certified roofing expert and we'll give you a full report on the condition of your roof, lead flashings, box gutters, pointing, slates, chimneys, tiles, valleys, ridge tiles, gables and verges, roof windows and any other part of your pitched or flat roof.

The roofing surveyor will check over the roof structure, the fascia boards, guttering, rainwater pipes and your drains to make sure everything is working as it should be, and to let you know how much lifespan you have left in all those areas.

We can then offer inexpensive maintenance options which will get the roof back up to a healthy condition, leaving you with the confidence that your hard earned savings are left in your bank.

Our expert surveyors recommend annual inspections of your roof to ensure that any extreme weather conditions haven't caused any damage in the past 12 months, and to ensure all rainwater gutters and pipes are clear of debris and blockages.

You'll also get an insurance statement as proof that your roof has been inspected and maintained which helps keep your premiums down.
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Roof Assurance Policies

How would it feel to know that you never need to worry about expensive unexpected roof repairs that always seem to come along when you least expect, and when you least need them!

Our Roofcare package is an unlimited-cover repair agreement which will pay for any roof repairs your property develops within an agreed period.

Depending on the age and condition of your roof, we can offer packages ranging from 12 months to 25 years that will ensure you never need to worry about your roof again.

There's never a good time to spring a leak, let's be fair.

But to know that if water does start to come in, you have a team on hand that will be round to fix it straight away, and they won't charge you for the repair.

For a small monthly subscription and after an initial inspection and report, Stace Roofing will cover any repair work on your roof should a leak occur. If we find defective work during one of our annual inspections of your roof, we will send you a full report and book you in for remedial work to be carried out - Free of additional charge.

Our expert surveyor will come out to assess your roof and give you a step by step report on it's condition, and the next suggested steps you should take.We'll recommend a program of work that will get your roof to a condition where we're happy it is in the best condition possible before offering you a choice of terms and monthly subscriptions so you don't need to worry about any unexpected roofing bills.

This agreement works in the same way as any other appliance or boiler cover and is a non-binding contract that you can cancel at any time.

Prices start at £50/month, does that sound good?
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What our clients say

How refreshing to deal with a thoroughly professional company who understand customer service and quality work. The team treated my house as a home not a building site and nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending them

Simon King

It was a pleasure dealing with a Company that provides a highly professional and considerate service. I have received a number of (good) comments regarding the works from neighbours and also a note through the front door - all of whom asked who was carrying the work and for your contact details which I have passed on - I hope you get at least one enquiry from those.

Simon Barnes

Stace Roofing provide a quality professional service delivered by skilled staff who are polite, considerate and leave the site clean and tidy.

Mr P Roffey

Stace Roofing have consistently supported our works with excellent workmanship, friendly advice, great flexibility and assistance above and beyond the call of duty, providing a user friendly non-contractual service, favouring open and honest discussion.

Mr Martin Kempler