EPDM Flat Roofs

EPDM Rubber - Simple, Fast and Efficient

EPDM is a strong one-piece sheet of black EPDM Rubber that's fully bonded to a new timber deck using adhesives that allow it to move. It can withstand the extremes of the British weather and has been successfully used and tested in the arctic conditions of Siberia and the blistering heat of The Middle East.

Because of its clean, uniform appearance and extreme durability, these roofs have become very popular in the past 10 years in the residential Flat Roof market in the UK. It can normally be cut to the exact size of your roof up to 15 metres in width and length.

The attraction of an immensely strong one-piece sheet with no joins or seams is a huge win, especially if you have had a flat roof fail on the joints or seams in the past. EPDM is the most flexible flat roof system we fit and can stretch to more than 300% of its original size so easily copes with building movement.

EPDM roofs, when professionally installed by fully trained and acrredited fitters.

Add that to the fact that you will most likely never need to have this roof replaced again, it's worth doing it properly the first time.

Our EPDM roofs are expected to last at least 50 Years and come with a Bomb-proof 25 Year, no quibble, fixed guarantee. We only use the thickest membrane that Firestone produce for that added peace of mind.

Firestone becomes the first choice for roofs with low amounts of detail. Whilst it can cope with detail very well, we found that it is more economical to fit than other systems when applied to big flat rectangular or square roofs.

Fitting a Green Roof? No additional work is required on an EPDM roof as it is 100% fully waterproof and designed for use on submerged roofs.
As with any Flat Roof system, there will also be negative opinions which sadly can influence property owners into believing that it is a flawed system.

At Stace Roofing we offer a total of 5 flat roofing systems and I have personally heard it said that every single one of them is destined to fail or is not a good quality lasting system.
This is almost always biased information from someone that is trying to discredit a particular system or from someone that has been on the wrong end of a bad job.
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EPDM Myths

Let's dispel the myth before we go any further.
  • EPDM does not crack or split - If it is fitted properly
  • EPDM does not fail if you use the right deck and fix it down properly
  • EPDM does not blister if the correct amount of the right type of deck adhesive is used
  • EPDM does not dry out in the sun
  • EPDM does not fail if the whole project has been specified, planned and fitted CORRECTLY by fully trained fitters.
In 2004, a study was conducted by the German Institute of Synthetic Materials (SKZ) to determine the minimum service life of EPDM rubber membranes. Thirty-nine samples of EPDM membranes were taken from roofs in Western Europe that were 20-30 years old. Over a period of 2 years, these samples were subjected to tests for artificial ageing at high temperatures in laboratory conditions. The results of the study are as follows:
  • All the roofs visited where in a perfect condition and operating as intended.
  • No external signs of ageing were noted (crazing or cracking)
  • None of the elongation at break values obtained were less than 300%.
  • Each sample was artificially aged up to the lower threshold of 150% elongation to obtain the values for remaining life span. All results obtained have exceeded the 70 year life span.
Study conclusions: The life span of EPDM membranes is clearly evaluated at over 50 years in normal west European climate conditions.

We have been fitting these roofs since 2010 and we still always look for improvements in the fitting process every year as technology advances. Since 2010 we have created a fitting process that is as perfect as it possibly can be.

There are "companies" out there giving EPDM a really bad name because of the following reasons:
  • They are not adequately trained. Some EPDM systems are available to buy off the shelf in most DIY merchants and the training is usually a Youtube video.
  • They do not know how to run a business. All they want to do is make a days wages, they are not investing in themselves so they will be around in the future if you ever have problems.
  • They try to save as much money as possible by skimping on materials. They use the cheapest membrane they can get which is usually as thick as a bike's inner tube, and don't use enough glue which leaves your EPDM with air pockets and blisters.
  • They try to do the job as fast as possible so they can get onto the next job and make even more money. They skip the essential work needed to ensure the membrane is fully bonded. They don't put the correct amount of fixings into the edge trims. (these will fail within 3 years)
  • They are fairly sure you are not going to get up on the roof to check their work - we encourage it.
Andy's note: All of the roofing systems on the British market are fit for purpose as long as they have been fitted to the manufacturer's guidelines by a competent and trained fitter. We also recommend that a product that has been tested through the BBA Weather testing process is used.

Every single flat roofing system on the market will fail if it hasn't been fitted properly. But that doesn't mean that every system is the same, or is suitable for every roof or property owners requirements.

So we are completely unbiased when recommending a system, we always recommend the right system for the right type of roof or budget. We first started to fit these roofs around 10 years ago and to begin with we were not impressed as we were getting a few calls with concerns about bubbles and blisters appearing in the roofs, especially on hot days.

As always, we investigated and discovered that the thickness of the rubber sheet, and also the type and amount of deck adhesive used played a crucial part in the long-term performance of the roof. As standard, we now only use the thickest sheet available, currently the '060' 25 Year Firestone sheet (1.52mm thick), and the genuine Firestone Deck adhesive.

Gladly, the problems of the past have not been repeated and we have fitted hundreds of these roofs without the failures. The failures we have seen on EPDM roofs are usually because of installers fitting them over old roofs without first fitting a new timber deck, or using the wrong glue (or no glue at all).
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Your Guarantee

Once your roof has been fully checked and signed off, you will get a full written guarantee from Stace Roofing. Your guarantee from us will include a no quibble repair policy should anything go wrong with your roof for the period stated on your quotation and invoice. We will pay for any scaffolding that is needed to get back onto your roof and all of the labour and materials needed to fix the defect. In the highly unlikely event that any problems arise in the future, you will not need to worry.

Included in your standard guarantee:
  • The Roofing Materials - A Firestone Material guarantee is applied to all EPDM projects.
  • The workmanship - covered by Stace Roofing
Included in your Premium Guarantee:
  • The Roofing Materials - Any defects covered by Stace Roofing and the manufacturer.
  • The workmanship - covered by Stace Roofing
  • Full deposit protection. An insurance policy that starts as soon as your deposit has been received. (Competent Roofer Scheme - Insulated Refurbishment work only)
  • Building Regulation Compliance Certificate to cover all the work. (Competent Roofer Scheme - Insulated Refurbishment work only)
  • Post Completion Insurance Backed Guarantee covering all work for 10 years. covered by Certass (Competent Roofer Scheme - Insulated Refurbishment work only)
Premium guarantees are issued as standard with all fully insulated refurbishments and re-roofs.
Please see our Warm roof and Insulation details for more information on how your roof might fall under the Competent Roofer scheme and get a premium guarantee.
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So EPDM is the best choice for you if:
  • You want the most economical roof covering that will complement the appearance of your building
  • You want the longest lasting roof covering that you will probably never need to replace again
  • You want the toughest roof covering that will withstand any building movement
  • You want a roof that has NO JOINTS OR SEAMS
  • You want a risk-free, flame-free installation
You want virtually zero maintenance for the next 50 years. '
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Your Next Steps

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The Technical Bits

Colours: Typically light and dark grey
Coverable: Ok for slabs, decking, green roofs with no additional measures required - (Subject to ELD leak test)
Detail suitability: Better suited for large flat areas. Not ideal for Complex detail
Fire resistance: The composition of Firestone RubberCover EPDM membrane is such that no fire retardant product has to be added for different roofing assemblies to obtain a BROOF (t1), BROOF (t3) or BROOF (t4) classification.Edge Trims: uPVC or metal. Black, white, anthracite or bespoke metal powder-coated trims in any colour
Warm-Roof Compatible: Yes, Thermal break fixing washers on foil faced PIR or fully adhered onto tissue-faced PIR boards using contact adhesive
Warranty: Up to 25 Years
Life Expectancy: 50 Years
UV resistant: Yes
Root Resistant: Yes
Weight/m2: 1.80kg membrane, 12.15kg OSB3 18mm Deck = 13.95kg total
Green Roof Compatible: Yes
Inverted Roof: Yes
Maintenance: Low/None
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How is an EPDM Roof fitted?

The Components of the Firestone EPDM system are as follows:
  • 18mm OSB3 TG4 deck - TG4 is a tongue & grooved board on all 4 sides, it's interlocking joints are filled with the membrane adhesive to ensure a totally solid base is formed without any risk of cracking within the GRP as the building moves (this layer can be omitted if overlaying an existing roof).
  • uPVC Trims - There's a pre-formed factory made trim for every possible type of detail or junction type. These trims are fitted to the perimeters of the roof after the rubber has been laid
  • EPDM Membrane - This usually comes in 2 thicknesses, 1.2mm and 1.52mm. The heavier mat is for commercial roofs or can be used to get an additional 5 years on the guarantee for standard roofs. A thicker Rubberbond fleece-backed membrane is also available as a premium system.
  • Deck Adhesive - A WBA (water-based-adhesive) is used on most plain EPDM membranes. This is painted onto the roof deck and the back of the membrane to ensure a total bond.
  • PU (Polyurethane) glues are also used on the fleece-backed systems. This adhesive enables the rubber to adhere to existing roof coverings such as felt, asphalt and concrete, and also for sticking it directly to fleece-backed insulation.
Green Sedum and living roofs:
  • EPDM is compatible for Green Sedum Living Roofs. It's strength and superior waterproofing qualities make it perfect for all types of green, brown and wildflower roofs.
  • EPDM systems can often be laid in 1 sheet without any joints at all, the maximum one piece roof size is 15 metres x 30 metres.
PIR Insulated Warm-Roof System.
  • EPDM is fully compatible with Insulated Warm-roof systems.
  • A thick slab of PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulation is laid to either your existing roof surface, or a timber sub-deck, then the EPDM system is laid on top starting with the OSB3 or glued directly to the insulation if using fleece-backed.
The advantages of using the warm-roof system are that no awkward ventilation system is required to eliminate condensation risks.

The warm roof system raises the roof level up so reduces any need for internal alterations.

New fascia boards on open edges are fitted to finish off the roofline with style.

Our warm-roof systems are carefully specified to your requirements, and to UK building regulations by our expert surveying team.

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What our clients say

How refreshing to deal with a thoroughly professional company who understand customer service and quality work. The team treated my house as a home not a building site and nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending them

Simon King

It was a pleasure dealing with a Company that provides a highly professional and considerate service. I have received a number of (good) comments regarding the works from neighbours and also a note through the front door - all of whom asked who was carrying the work and for your contact details which I have passed on - I hope you get at least one enquiry from those.

Simon Barnes

Stace Roofing provide a quality professional service delivered by skilled staff who are polite, considerate and leave the site clean and tidy.

Mr P Roffey

Stace Roofing have consistently supported our works with excellent workmanship, friendly advice, great flexibility and assistance above and beyond the call of duty, providing a user friendly non-contractual service, favouring open and honest discussion.

Mr Martin Kempler