Fascia, Soffits and Guttering

Smart, clean and durable - Protect your roofline in style.

There are not many people who are excited by the thought of climbing up to the 2nd story of their building to paint fascias and soffits every couple of years.

The guttering needs to be removed to do it properly, that usually always results in leaking joints when re-fitting. And let's face it, a repainted timber board never looks as smart as a shiny new uPVC fascia board that will keep it's stylish good looks for decades.

Advances in technology have given property owners an abundance of choice with colours and styles that suit any property if properly specified.

Woodgrain textured fascias & soffits give the additional dimension that you would normally get with timber, without the maintenance.

Cast-effect gutters compliment the more authentic period properties without the need to shell out for expensive genuine cast-iron, and the annual upkeep of painting them.

uPVC fascia boards will give your roofline an attractive, hard-wearing, clean-edged finish that are quick and easy to install for experienced fitters.

Making sure you look after the exterior of your home is just as important as the interior.

Fitting quality fascias and soffits will add that extra finish that ensures your roofline compliments your building and your windows.

What is a roofline? - It's the term us roofers & builders use to describe the perimeter of the roof so this starts at the fascia board where the roof meets the walls.

Fascia Board

A board used to cover and protect the end of the rafters that carries the bottom tile or slate, or the trim around a flat roof. The fascia is also the structural element that the guttering is normally fixed to.

A ventilation strip can be added to the top of the fascia board to provide essential ventilation above the insulation line.

Soffit board

If you have an overhang on your fascia and they project out to protect the walls of the house, the soffit is the underneath of the overhang which is typically one single board or for a bigger overhang an interlocking board can be used (Shiplap or Tongue & Grooved).

These boards prevent birds and vermin from getting into the roof space and nesting.

Ventilation inlets can be added to the soffit boards to prevent condensation build up in cold roof spaces.


These are basically fascia boards for the edge of the roof that joins the gutter edge to the ridge and is usually a diagonal edge on the gable end of a building.

Bargeboards can also have a soffit providing essential protection to the brickwork below.

Capping boards

A typical full replacement fascia board will be at least 18mm in thickness. This is so it doesn't warp or snap as PVC is not as strong as timber boards.

It's the outside 1mm of plastic that does the weather proofing on a fascia board.

If your timber fascia boards are in a condition judged to be ok for capping, and free of rot and damage, a 9mm capping board can be mounted.

The outside 1mm does the waterproofing bit, and the old but sound timber boards provide the strength.

Capping is a much faster and cheaper job than full fascia replacement and always a stronger job in our opinion.

When fitting a full replacement system we will often use a new tanalised timber backing board for extra strength.


As with fascia boards, guttering styles and colours are in abundance with a huge range of shapes and shades to suit every type and colour of building.

If replacing your fascias, we always recommend new guttering as it's relatively inexpensive and re-using old guttering usually always results in leaky joints.

Repairing and replacing your roofline

If your paint is starting to flake but the timber is sturdy, there's a good chance that capping will be possible.

Look out for soft spots or rotten timber, especially in the areas of flakiness.

For an expert opinion, call us in and we will do that part for you as well as showing you the full range of styles and colours available

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It was a pleasure dealing with a Company that provides a highly professional and considerate service. I have received a number of (good) comments regarding the works from neighbours and also a note through the front door - all of whom asked who was carrying the work and for your contact details which I have passed on - I hope you get at least one enquiry from those.

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Stace Roofing provide a quality professional service delivered by skilled staff who are polite, considerate and leave the site clean and tidy.

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