Liquid Applied Flat Roofs


Liquid applied roof coatings are generally designed to overlay an old existing roofs coverings.

If the old roof surface is coming toward the end of its serviceable life, and is in an overlayable condition, liquid applied systems can be specified to provide an additional waterproofing layer which can extend it's life considerably and cost-effectively.

This method has been around since at least the 1800's where the liquid was hot tar and usually reinforced with straw reeds or rags! Nowadays we use polymer (Plastic) based systems which cure to form an elastomeric skin which is normally reinforced with a fibreglass mat or fleece material and can last up to 40 years.

Liquid applied coatings are super cost-effective because they overlay an existing roof which means the costs can be up to 70% less than replacing the entire roof.

So getting an extra 25 year guarantee can be easily achievable at a much lower budget than the other roofing systems we offer.

Do you have a roof terrace that could do with a makeover?

These waterproof layers can then be coated with stunning coatings such as anthracite quartz or a nonslip coloured coating to give a tiled appearance. Or you can fit actual tiles, decking, slabs or a garden in most cases. By spending a small amount on a liquid overlay and adding one of our colourful quartz coatings, it's easy to transform an old flat roof terrace into a relaxing and peaceful seating area or outdoor cooking space.

The system is relatively easy to install with the right skills, and the liquid will paint onto surfaces of any shape or complexity making complex detail such as railing feet, stair cases, steps and rooflights easy to waterproof with a virtually zero chance of future leakage.

Typically, a roof is inspected to ensure that the deck or substructure is still strong and well fixed to the roof structure, and the roof can then be cleaned and prepared ready to be overcoated.

Liquid applied roofing systems are a great way to revive an old roof on a smaller budget.
Other advantages are the risks of water ingress during the project are greatly reduced as the old roof is usually left in place with no stripping.

At Stace Roofing we're fully aware that flat roofs are not shiny new cars but if they were, this would be the Restored Vintage VW Combi of the flat roofing world! Let's face it, flat roofs are flat roofs, but if you are going to revive an old flat roof, do you want a Skoda or a Super cool VW campervan?

Liquid roofs, when professionally installed by enthusiastic fitters (who love nothing more than to stand back at the end of each roof and admire their own work), WILL 100% make your property look better than it would with a standard felt overlay.

Add that to the fact that you will most likely never need to have this roof replaced again, it's worth doing it properly the first time. Our Liquid-applied roofs are expected to last at least 40 Years and come with a Bombproof 15, 20 or 25 Year, no quibble, fixed guarantee.

Fitting a Green Roof? No additional work is required on a Liquid-applied roof as it is 100% fully waterproof and designed for use on submerged roofs.
  • Do you have an old leaky roof terrace?
  • Are you building a balcony, terrace or having a green roof?
  • Can you see your new roof from anywhere else? - A window, your garden or drive?
  • Can your neighbours see it?
  • We all want our houses to look as amazing as possible and you will not be disappointed with the stunning good looks of your new liquid-applied roof.
As with any Flat Roof system, there will also be negative opinions which sadly can influence property owners into believing that it is a flawed system.

At Stace Roofing we offer a total of 5 flat roofing systems and I have personally heard it said that every single one of them is destined to fail or is not a good quality lasting system.
This is almost always biased information from someone that is trying to discredit a particular system or from someone that has been on the wrong end of a bad job.
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Liquid-Applied Myths

So let's dispel the myth before we go any further.
  • Liquid-Applied does not crack or split - If it is fitted to the manufacturers spec, and reinforced properly
  • Liquid-Applied does not fail if you prepare the surface you are sticking to properly
  • Liquid-Applied does not blister if the correct amount of the right type of liquid is used
  • Liquid-Applied does not split again after a year if it is reinforced with a suitable fibre-glass or fleece
  • Liquid-Applied does not fail if the whole project has been specified, planned and fitted CORRECTLY by fully trained fitters.
We have been fitting these roofs since 2002 and we still always look for improvements in the fitting process every year as technology advances.Since 2003 we have created a fitting process that is as perfect as it possibly can be.
  • There are "companies" out there giving Liquid-Applied a really bad name because of the following reasons:
  • They are not adequately trained. Some Liquid-Applied systems are available to buy off the shelf in most DIY merchants and it is assumed that no training is required.
  • They do not know how to run a business. All they want to do is make a day's wages, they are not investing in themselves so they will be around in the future if you ever have problems.
  • They try to save as much money as possible by skimping on materials. They use the cheapest liquid they can get and don't use a reinforcement mat such as fibreglass or fleece to ensure the liquid is strong enough to cope with movement.
  • They try to do the job as fast as possible so they can get onto the next job and make even more money. They skip the essential work needed to ensure the liquid is at full strength. They don't prepare the roof properly causing the cured liquid to peel off.
  • They are fairly sure you are not going to get up on the roof to check their work.- We encourage it.
Andy's note: All of the roofing systems on the British market are fit for purpose as long as they have been fitted to the manufacturer's guidelines by a competent and trained fitter. We also recommend that a product that has been tested through the BBA Weather testing process is used.

Every single flat roofing system on the market will fail if it hasn't been fitted properly.

But that doesn't mean that every system is the same, or is suitable for every roof or property owners requirements. So we are completely unbiased when recommending a system, we always recommend the right system for the right type of roof or budget.
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Your Guarantee

  • Once your roof has been fully checked and signed off, you will get a full written guarantee from Stace Roofing.
  • Your guarantee from us will include a no quibble repair policy should anything go wrong with your roof for the period stated on your quotation and invoice.
  • We will pay for any scaffolding that is needed to get back onto your roof and all of the labour and materials needed to fix the defect.
  • In the highly unlikely event that any problems arise in the future, you will not need to worry.
Included in your standard guarantee:
  • The Roofing Materials - A Manufacturer's Material guarantee is applied to all Liquid-applied projects.
  • The workmanship - covered by Stace Roofing
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So Liquid-Applied is the best choice for you if:
  • You want the most economical roof covering that will complement the appearance of your building
  • You want the longest lasting roof covering for the lowest investment level
  • You want the most flexible roof covering that will withstand any building movement
  • You want a roof that has NO JOINTS OR SEAMS
  • You want a risk-free, flame-free installation
  • You want virtually zero maintenance for the next 30-40 years
  • You want a beautifully restored VW Combi, not a Skoda (No offence meant to Skoda owners)
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Technical Information

Many Liquid-Applied systems will require a primer for surfaces that are porous such as concrete, most metals will require an epoxy primer.

Once the roof has been checked for suitability and primed or prepared, the liquid is generally applied to the surface and a reinforcement layer is bedded into the resin.

Additional topcoat layers can be added depending on the system to add additional UV protection and additional lifespan.

As with any system, the disadvantages are poor preparation which will lead to product failure, delamination and peeling and pinholes.

We recommend a BBA approved system is always used to avoid disappointment and wasted budget.

This system is also compatible with most other flat roof systems where complicated detail around penetrations or awkward detail is deemed too difficult with a fixed membrane. The right liquid will stick to most other felts, GRP, single-ply and EPDM and most of these manufacturers have their own liquid for detailing work.

Liquid applied systems are expensive to buy and are not usually commercially suitable for new roofs because of this.However it is estimated that overcoating an old roof is up to 70% cheaper than stripping and replacing the entire roof.

Colours: Typically light and dark grey although other colours are aavailable
Coverable: Ok for slabs, decking, green roofs best to check with each manufacturer on this - (Subject to ELD leak test)
Detail suitability: The best system for Complex detail
Edge Trims: Not usually required
Warm-Roof Compatible: possible but would become expensive compared to other systems
Warranty: Up to 25 Years
Life Expectancy: 50 Years
UV resistant: Yes
Root Resistant: Check with manufacturer
Weight/m2: 2.80kg average
Green Roof Compatible: Check with manufacturer
Inverted Roof: Check with manufacturer
Maintenance: Low/None
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What our clients say

How refreshing to deal with a thoroughly professional company who understand customer service and quality work. The team treated my house as a home not a building site and nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation in recommending them

Simon King

It was a pleasure dealing with a Company that provides a highly professional and considerate service. I have received a number of (good) comments regarding the works from neighbours and also a note through the front door - all of whom asked who was carrying the work and for your contact details which I have passed on - I hope you get at least one enquiry from those.

Simon Barnes

Stace Roofing provide a quality professional service delivered by skilled staff who are polite, considerate and leave the site clean and tidy.

Mr P Roffey

Stace Roofing have consistently supported our works with excellent workmanship, friendly advice, great flexibility and assistance above and beyond the call of duty, providing a user friendly non-contractual service, favouring open and honest discussion.

Mr Martin Kempler