Rooflights and Lanterns

Glass - Beauty that lasts.

Rooflights, skylights and lanterns are available in more styles and material choices than ever so choosing the perfect product to suit your new project becomes easier.

Choosing the right rooflight will add light, space and warmth to an otherwise ordinary space and can be created in kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

From below, a direct view to the sunny sky during the day and the starry sky at night adds a significantly spacious but warm feel, illuminating your room beneath. Adding a lantern will result in a lower use of energy through electrical lighting resulting in energy and financial savings.

So how do you choose the right product for your project?
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Flat Rooflights

velux flat rooflight
  • These are typically one piece glass squares or rectangles that sit on top of a kerb usually 150mm above the flat roof level.
  • From beneath, once the depth of the flat roof timbers and insulation have been taken into consideration, the tunnel from ceiling to glass will be around 500mm long.
  • Flat Rooflights will go up to a size of approximately 1500mm x 2000mm on a standard domestic build.
  • Flat Rooflights are usually more cost effective per square metre of opening, standing water can be a slight disadvantage on these units.
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Roof Lanterns

3 lanterns pipewell
  • A lantern is a mini pitched glass roof that is usually positioned in the centre of a flat roof allowing light into the room below. Lanterns have a similar purpose to skylights or rooflights which are traditionally more flat or slightly domed.
  • Some lanterns depending on size and design, will have glazing bars to separate the glass.
  • Other lanterns will have a structural glazing framework that allows single panes of glass to be joined together to form a minimal appearance.
  • From above, these stylish glass structures will add a touch of modern architecture especially if you have used a modern system (GRP or Single-ply), in a fashionable grey colour.
  • Some designs will come with opening windows and blinds that can be operated electrically.
  • Usually constructed in lightweight aluminium, the lanterns are professionally assembled and fitted to a structural opening in a flat roof.
  • A choice of glass options includes different tints, double or triple glazed, toughened and argon-filled for additional insulation.
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Flat Roof Domes

flat roof dome
  • The more traditional flat roof dome might be perfect for your project if you are not looking for an expensive double or triple glazed thermally efficient lighting solution.
  • Suited to areas that have no heating beneath, these units generally come in a clear polycarbonate (perspex type) material that will offer the light but not the heat retention of glass.
  • Double and triple skin domes are available to offer a little more insulation, but are generally not classed as thermally efficient.
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Velux Flat Roof Windows

Flat Roof Velux
  • Market leaders, velux have been making rooflights in Denmark since 1941.
  • Predominantly known as the pitched roof window company, Velux have always led the way in innovation and stylish design and have released a range of flat roof windows and rooflights.
  • The Velux Flat Roof range includes curved glass rooflights, FLat glass rooflights, Flat Roof domes, Emergency exit domes, Smoke vent domes and walk on rooflights for roof gardens.
  • We have been using Velux products since we began in 1997 and would have no hesitation in specifying a Velux product on the right project.
  • The Velux range is guaranteed to be well designed, straight forward to fit and as we have seen with all of their products, will outlast its guarantee by many years.
  • For more information visit the Velux Flat Roofing page

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Velux Flat Rooflight.jpg

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