Before You Start Your Flat Roof Project, Let’s Kill a Few Myths and Nail Down Some Details

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FROM: Andrew Stace
Managing Director - Stace Roofing Ltd
Melton Mowbray: 30th August 2015
RE: Your Flat Roofing Survey

Dear Home Improver

  Let’s be honest. Flat roofing is not the most exciting topic, is it?

  Picking out bathrooms is fun. Picking a new roof? Not so much.

  But still, if you need a new roof, then you need a new roof! Whether it’s a small job like a simple dormer, bay or porch - or something larger like a garage roof or extension, it has to be done.

  So my suggestion: grit your teeth for 10 minutes while I tell you what’s involved. It’s not riveting, but stay with me - we’ll be done before you know it.

  In a moment, I’ll tell you about your free no-obligation survey. But first you’ll want to know who you’re dealing with, so here’s a quick introduction…

Who Am I?

  My name is Andrew Stace. I’ve been climbing on roofs since I was 13, helping out in my father’s business. And since 1998, as a trained and certified roofer, I’ve been running my own company: Stace Roofing Ltd.

  Over the years, I’ve personally installed thousands of flat roofs. Some I’ve built from scratch. Some I’ve replaced or upgraded. And some I’ve rescued, after damage was caused by rogue or rookie contractors.

  In fact, by now I’ve seen every roofing mistake there is. The wrong roof for a given structure…the right roof, badly installed…low-grade materials that trigger structural defects…a whole catalogue of errors.

  Why am I telling you this?

  Because I have a ‘nose’ for roofing! All modesty aside, I can spot and diagnose a dud roof at first sight. Or quickly identify the challenges in a new roofing project.

  Just as you, I’m sure, know your job inside out…

  …I know mine.

  And I want to prove that to you – free of charge.

Every month, I set aside a small number of slots to see people – perhaps like you - who know they need a flat roof, but don’t know what to do next.

And today, I’m inviting you to apply for one of those slots.

We’ll call it a free survey, but really it’s more than that. It’s your chance to pick my brains and cut through the confusion…then if you’re ready, get a fixed quote and get your project moving.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

When you apply, I’ll need some details. So let’s think about your project: how would you describe it?

Maybe it’s plain common sense. If your roof is getting older, it’s wise to get it fixed right away…as they say, while the sun is shining.

Or maybe, it’s more urgent. Say your roof has sprung a leak? Then Wet Rot can turn to Dry Rot and soon infect the whole property.

Or perhaps you’ve bought a new house, with an old-fashioned felt roof. It won’t last, so you’ll want something better: long-term and hard-wearing.

Failing that, perhaps you’re looking to add some space and value. A new extension maybe, or a roof terrace ready for decking, a green roof or paving.

Whatever the end goal, it helps if you can frame it in your mind: where is the roof going to be…how are you going to benefit…how urgent is the project…and what happens if you put it off?

Your Survey: Step by Step


Step 1

At the foot of this page, you’ll see a form asking you for details. Fill this in, including answers on your goals and timescales. Then within a few days, you’ll get a call from my office with a firm appointment.


Step 2

On the day, I’ll start with a quick inspection to spot any nagging issues that might get in our way. That could mean structural problems around supporting walls, foundations, insulation or timber quality. Or other practicalities: planning consent, shared boundaries, access and scheduling. That sort of thing.

Once I know what’s what, I’ll hop down off the roof and we can head inside. Put the kettle on, and now we’ll get into the details…


Step 3

I’ll show you our most popular roofing system: GRP Fibreglass. It’s by far the strongest, hardest-wearing system available. It’s strong enough to walk on, if you want to add a terrace or balcony. Plus it’s seamless, so there’s no visible joint - and no risk of water seeping through and infecting your timbers.

Of course, GRP Fibreglass is not your only option. There are other roofing systems – but nothing else that’s likely to hold for 50 years. And nothing else that comes guaranteed for up to 40.


Step 4

You’ll have questions. So I’ll make sure there’s time for you to quiz me! I’m there to make sure you understand everything that’s involved, and there’s no such thing as a daft question…literally, anything goes.


Step 5

I’ll give you a fixed cost – usually on the spot – along with an action plan. So if you’re ready to go ahead, we can schedule the work right away.

Just keep in mind, my start date will be at least 2 weeks away, because you’ll have a 14 Day Cooling Off Period. That’s there in your contract.


Now – on that delicate subject of cost. Let’s get this out of the way…

Cards on the table. I am not the cheapest flat roofer in town. So if you’re shopping around for the lowest price, I’ll tell you now – I can’t help you.

That’s not because I’m expensive. It’s because a corner of this market is bargain basement or worse.

As you’ll know from TV shows like Watchdog, rogue traders are everywhere. Scammers will typically work an area, tempting buyers with rock bottom prices and hoping that no-one will notice when they start cutting corners. The low-grade materials they use…and the novice installers…mean that a roof will certainly fail within 5 or 6 years.

By which time, they’ve disappeared and set up somewhere new.

I know this better than anyone, because every month you’ll find me ripping out failing roofs that were installed by unskilled crews. I see customers watching, wishing they’d paid the going rate first time – and wishing they could have avoided all the battles that followed. Unstoppable leaks. Endless condensation. Heat loss. Rotting timbers. A life turned upside down, and savings lost.

That’s why I’m not “cheap”!

"I used to wake up every morning and my windows would be wringing wet. We would have to use our window vacuum every day to get rid of the condensation. Every time we had a bath, our walls were covered in running water. We were really worried because we didn't understand what the problem was.

Andrew came round and looked in our loft, and he knew straight away what to do to fix the problem.

His team were so friendly and a pleasure to work with. The best thing about the job was, I didn't have to clean up after anyone, they did it all every day.

Andrew was recommended to me by a personal friend who is also a highly respected local builder. Stace Roofing didn't come cheap, but they were worth every penny!”

- Mr & Mrs Hipwell, Beaumont Gardens, Melton Mowbray

Of course, I understand times are hard. But in roofing, as in most things, cheap is a fallacy. An illusion, disguising the fact that costs will spiral out of control.

If you understand that…and you put quality first…then let’s go ahead with the survey.

FINAL WORD: Why Today?

Look, it’s not for me to tell you this is urgent. You know why you need a new roof, and when. So it’s all in your hands.

Still, if you want some guidance from me, here’s a rule of thumb...

...If your roof has sprung a leak, or you’ve spotted signs of Wet Rot (like mushrooms growing on walls, or a foul smell in the rafters), you need to take action now. Today. Mark your query URGENT, or skip the application and call my office now on 01664 898270.

...If your roof is coming to the end of its life, you never know when that moment will come. So don’t let a small delay trigger a chain effect that could rot your walls and carpets, wreck electrical items and add thousands to your budget. Request your survey now.

...If you’re adding a new roof, say for an extension, it all hinges on your building schedule. All I’d say is, like most certified roofers, my diary fills quickly…so it won’t be a case of talk today, start tomorrow. Let’s plan ahead.

...Finally, if it’s a ‘someday’ project like a terrace or balcony, ask yourself: how much longer do you want to be without it? My advice: stay ahead of the weather! Do it now – then next time the sun breaks through, savour an early morning or hazy evening in your new favourite place.

Ready? Fill in the form below, & let’s book in your survey. Then I should be seeing you in 7-10 days

Application submitted? That’s it – we’re done for today.

(Well I promised it wouldn’t take long, didn’t I?)

My office will be in touch soon – and in the meantime, keep an eye out for some important emails...

Best regards

Andrew Stace
Managing Director – Stace Roofing Ltd

P.S. Remember, if it’s an emergency, call 01664 898270 or email right now.

P.P.S. If you’re talking to other contractors, make sure they’re approved by the same industry bodies and vetting schemes as me! There’s a list right here…

I’d pay special attention to Which? Trusted Traders. To get our approval, we were vetted by a Trading Standards Officer. That’s the kind of assurance you need!