Penthouse Apartments, Bristol

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The removal of lower timber frame section structure and flat roof renewal to the Penthouse at apartments in Bristol.

The single ply membrane had not been finished off properly around the windowsill detail therefore allowing water ingress around the patio doors and windows. As the roof had been laid with a non-bonded membrane, the water ingress spread throughout the entire roof surface in a capillary effect which caused a huge amount of damage.

If the roof had been a fully bonded GRP system, the leak would have been isolated to one area and would have shown itself immediately as opposed to sitting between surfaces for weeks on end causing the rot we have seen on this project.

The wet and rot had spread to the inner leaf of the building also, causing the interior walls and floors to be disturbed as well. The Tennents were put up in a hotel for the duration of this work and care was placed to ensure that their disruption was kept to a minimum. The single ply membrane was replaced with a fully insulated Topseal GRP 600g/m2 roof and guaranteed for a further 20 years. The amount of trades was kept to a minimum with our team carrying out most of the tasks involved in-house to the highest of standards. This also kept the house-builders management duty to a minimum.

The costs of this remedial work cost this particular contractor over £100,000 in total costs and damages.

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