Rainwater Gullies

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We have replaced a large number of these gullies which have failed due to several reasons including:

  • Insufficient insulation beneath, causing condensation to form in such vast quantities, it literally caused rot to the ply-wood from the underneath.
  • Single Ply membranes (again) which have not been sealed properly at the detail junctions.
  • Single ply membranes which have had stanley knife slashes in them due to the workmen cutting their next strip of membrane without any protection beneath, Lead sheeting which has been split by workmen and window cleaners’ tools and equipment.
  • Parapet stones being laid onto walls without parapet encapsulation. This is the most common cause of water ingress on parapet walls. It is vital that the waterproof coating is extended over the top of the wall to the outside edges. When the stones move, the joints open up to allow water-ingress.

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