Using a Dodgy Contractor

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Sue in Leicestershire had a terrible experience with a Fibre-glass roofer and she’s asked us to share that experience with you.

She found a contractor on a local street market giving out leaflets. As she had a flat roof which was leaking and needed replacing, so she employed their services.

They were prompt and came out very quickly to “replace” Sue’s roof.

They offered her an amazing 50 year guarantee, (which is truly commendable considering all of the most reputable firms will only guarantee for a maximum of 30 years).

They carried out the work without a scaffold or any regards to Health and Safety

They offered Sue a discount if they were paid in cash, another no no

The roof failed within 3-4 weeks due to the poor workmanship and lack of care.

She called the contractor who came out twice and painted on more Topcoat (the solar protective coating – not the waterproofing layer).

They consequently stopped answering Sue’s calls when the roof continued to let in water through her bathroom light fitting.

She was shouted at and told ‘its not our problem’, and they hung up on her when she dialled in from another number.

The condition Sue’s roof was left in

Obviously Sue didn’t want to pay twice to have her roof done and we were called in to resolve it. Luckily on this occasion we were able to repair the work and keep Sue’s bathroom dry.

We weren’t able to offer Sue a guarantee as we did not replace the entire roof. We have assured Sue that we will return every time she calls, to ensure that she doesn’t have to worry.

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