Have you had enough of expensive heating bills and cold rooms?

Most flat roofs in the UK have sub-quality insulation systems installed (if any at all). The result of this is a cold room underneath and  expensive bills for heating those rooms .There is also a very high risk of condensation forming inside the ceiling cavity on the back of the roof deck and your roof timbers. If left long enough, this can turn into something nasty such as a timber funghal infection and create foul odours.

Our Warm-Roof system will prevent the heat from leaving your room by trapping it underneath a 5″ slab of honeycomb type material called PIR insulation. This will also stop cold air from dropping into your room from above. Using this type of insulation on a flat roof also eliminates the need for ventilation in your flat roof.

These are the dangers of not insulating your roof properly:

Losing Money & Expensive Heating Bills

Cold & Draughty Rooms

Risk of mould and Condensation, damage to your roof structure

A £5000 Fine

Damaging the Environment by wasting Carbon

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Most Flat Roofs in our country have been fitted with no ventilation and not enough insulation between the rafters.  A normal 3 bedroom house in Great Britain releases around 14 litres or 25 pints of vapour each day through the use of showers, baths, washing machines, central heating, cookers and any other heat generating appliances. This moisture rises and moves around your home and is absorbed by your walls, ceilings and some of it escapes through cracks, draughts and windows.

Double-glazing and poor ventilation in homes, is now the biggest cause of condensation damage during the winter, 50% of our customers are suffering from mould and condensation damage which often shows itself as whats usually mistaken for a roof leak.

How is the insulation fitted?

Most Roofing contractors do not consider your insulation properly when quoting to replace your roof. The way we see it, you only get 2 chances to insulate. One is when the roof is being replaced and the other is if you rip down the ceilings in the room below.

The most effective method of insulating your flat roof is by installing a 5″ warm-roof slab of PIR insulation to your existing roof deck and then installing a long-lasting modern Flat Roof covering on top of it. The Warm-Roof slab is laid on top of the deck and tightly fitted together to form a continuos slab of insulation that has no gaps for your valuable hot air to escape through.

We only use the market leaders in the UK for our PIR insulation such as Kingspan, Celotex or Xtratherm, ensuring that your heat-loss is kept to a minimum. Kingspan state that their insulation will last the lifetime of the building if it is correctly installed and waterproofed. A vapour control layer is sometimes placed underneath the insulation to prevent any rising vapours penetrating the underside of the roof area.

What Insulation do I currently have in my flat roof?

If your roof was last replaced before the 1990’s, the chances are that it will only have around 4″ (100mm) of fibre-wool type insulation between the joists. Current regulations ask for 12″ (280mm) of this type of insulation, plus a 2″ (50mm) airgap to get rid of any potential condensation or moisture that may form inside the roof cavity.  Considering that most flat roof joists are a maximum of 9″ (225mm), you cannot effectively insulate your flat roof in this way.

This is where PIR insulation is more suitable. It is a solid board which when covered with one of our Flat Roof coverings, can be walked on and even used as a roof terrace if required.

In scientific terms, our flat roofs achieve a U value of 0.18W/m2k. This is the minimum requirement under the Part L Regulations for conservation of fuel.

The lower the number, the higher the insulating quality, so 0.18W/m2k is going to keep your room warmer than a roof with a value of 0.20W/m2k

What Guarantees do I get with my new Warm-Roof?

Since October 2006, Under the governments  part L regulations, you/we have to notify your local building control officer when over 50% of the flat roof is being replaced.

They will insist that they are called in to inspect the roof and make sure we have put the correct amount of insulation in place. They will make a charge for this. In your case it would be a cost of up to £350.

If you don’t do this, then you risk a fine of up to £5,000, plus the cost of putting the work right if it isn’t up to the required standards.

The’Competant Roofer Scheme’

Luckily for you, we are certified to carry out that inspection for you without the need of a Building Control Officer.

Stace Roofing are licensed under the NFRC ‘Competent Roofer’ scheme, which allows us to self-certify any qualifying roofing and insulation work to your property.

We carry out this assessment absolutely free saving you £350 in expensive council certificate fees.

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On top of this we also throw in a free insurance-backed 10 year guarantee, worth an additional £75 covered by ‘Competent Roofer’ to cover you in the event that we go bankrupt, out of business or we carry out defective work to your property.

This gives you a huge £425 in savings plus the peace of mind that you never need to worry about your roof again.

As part of this scheme, we provide you with the following guarantees:

An Insurance-backed Deposit policy to cover your deposit

A 10 Year Insurance backed workmanship and materials guarantee

25 year workmanship and material guarantee from Stace Roofing

A 10 year materials guarantee from the insulation manufacturer

Stace Roofing have been installing and guaranteeing Warm-Roof systems since 1999 and we stand by every single one that we have fitted to this date. We very rarely get called out to problems, and when we do, its never down to our workmanship or materials.

Heres a summary of the great benefits you will get from doing it right and fitting the best insulation money can buy.

Lower heating Bills

Warmer rooms

Cooler Rooms in the summer

No risk of condensation or black mould growth

No risk of internal damage

No draughts

Can be walked on when installed

Free Deposit Insurance through NFRC’s Competent Roofer Scheme

Free 10 Year Insurance backed Material & Labour policy

25 Year Workmanship and Materials Guarantee from Stace Roofing

Save up to £350 on expensive Building Certificates

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